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One Jack Move is a band with a passion for blending the raw energy of rock music, with the timeless rhythms of reggae and dynamic edge of blues.  Currently based in Austin, TX, the band is quickly gaining fans and followers throughout the local music scene and beyond, due to their magnetic song arrangements, powerful melodies and engaging charisma.


The group consists of Dom Pucci, who provides vocals with a lot of personality, as well as Zack Patteson on guitar, John Baker on bass and last but not least, Adam Beliveau behind the drum kit. These talented musicians managed to find the perfect chemistry to create music that feels fun and uplifting, yet edgy and thought-provoking, not unlike bands such as Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gary Clark Jr. or John Mayer, just to mention but a few. With a hard-working attitude and a passion for DIY ethics, the group is keen on collaborating with local talents and sharing their music with a broader audience.



One Jack Move recently released a brand new EP on February 25th, 2018 with a show at Austin’s Mohawk! 

One Jack Move's 3rd studio release, "Intersection EP" is out now! Download the album for free here! 

Find it on all major digital platforms worldwide on 3/1/18

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